Week 4 Thoughts & Observations

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Here are my random thoughts and observations about Week 4 as Dalvin Cook owners wonder why they can't have nice things.


Ty Montgomery

Julio Jones

Derek Carr

Marcus Mariota

Chris Carson

I love this game but damn it's only Week 4. Do we have to have so many injuries to top players derailing our season's already? Damn.

I have fallen in love with Alvin Kamara.

Nice to see Sean Payton figure out that Kamara should be getting 10-15 touches per game. He is arguably their second-best weapon behind Michael Thomas. He's staring Top 15-20 PPR status right in the face if Payton continues utilizing him intelligently.

I'm sure this won't last but the Saints' defense kinda looks not so bad after back-to-back solid performances, including a shutout next week. Like I said, it almost certainly won't last but just imagine if it does. How much more fun would this team be with a capable defense to support Drew Brees?

Jay Ajayi has now failed to top 61 yards rushing in nine of his last 11 games dating back to last season. I said last season he was Washington Al Morris in that if he doesn't rush for 100 yards and/or score he's going to kill you. And so far that assessment remains on point. Ajayi was a Top 15 draft pick this year who is currently RB46 in the NFFC. He isn't even a RB3 and you're taking a risk starting him regardless of the matchup since he soiled the bed badly when handed two consecutive A+ matchups the past two weeks. I begged people on Twitter and on our Sirius show throughout the offseason and presseason not to draft him in the second round this year. Props to those who listened and my condolences to those who did not.

I saw a lot of angst on Twitter about DeVante Parker yesterday and I don't get it. Double-digit points in all three games in PPR and on pace for 96 receptions. All that in an offense that has looked absolutely dreadful the last two weeks. If he can be WR14 on a sputtering offense how good is this kid gonna be if Miami ever gets its act together?

That was a rhetorical question by the way.

I got a bunch of congrats on Twitter for nailing the DeShaun Watson, Bilal Powell and Devin Funchess calls this week. Let's just pretend I didn't aggressively push Chris Carson and Joe Mixon, OK?


I'm stunned using Todd Gurley in the passing game results in big plays. Stunned I tell you.

If you drafted Ezekiel Elliott in the second round and Gurley in the third how much are you loving life right now?

Hold on the 49ers just kicked another field goal.

Sorry Vikings' fans, Case Keenum is who the rest of us all knew he was. With Cook done and Sam Bradford seemingly not close to returning Minnesota's season may be toast at the quarter pole.

Cam Newton looks like garbage in an A+ matchup last week and then owns another one this week, possibly after owners have given up on him. Don't you just love this game?

Dion Lewis sighting. Dion Lewis sighting.

Bill Belichick is known for being a defensive genius. How pissed off is he right now with the New England D? Easiest call of the season is to say things will get fixed there.

Hold on the Cardinals just kicked another field goal.

Weren't the Jets supposed to be tanking this season? They're tied with the Patriots in the AFC East and actually look like they have a competent (at times) offense. I took a nap on Saturday. Is that when it happened?

The Bills are 3-1 which I definitely did not predict. As much as I love Shady McCoy, I think the key reason is the play of their defense. That's a much improved unit that really flies to the ball. Remember that with your matchups moving forward. This D can play.

However, it's worth noting that Steve Hauschka has attempted seven field goals of 49 yards or longer the past two games and made them all. Damn good free agent signing by the Bills.

It's Week 4 and it may be time to bench Justin Tucker. Seriously, how messed up is that?

Welcome back Le'Veon, you've been missed.

In the Sirius Hosts Dynasty league I'm in we get to use roughly 3,000 flex players each week. So this week I rolled out JuJuJuJuJuJu Smith-SchusterJuJu. I mainly just wanted to see his name in my lineup so I could say I started me some JuJu.

It's the little things in life we gotta appreciate.

Andy Dalton is the reverse Ben Roethlisberger. Great on the road. So-so or worse at home.

This is your weekly reminder that Bill O'Brien thought Tom Savage was a better quarterback than DeShaun Watson when the season began.

I know he'll make some rookie mistakes but Watson is legit. He has that intangible "it" factor good to great QBs all possess and he is playing with massive confidence right now. He is so much fun to watch. Houston, you've got yourself your quarterback of the future.

Hold on the 49ers just kicked another field goal.

Don't look now but the Broncos' run defense is back to its Super Bowl championship level. NOBODY is running on this team and they've faced some premier talent to begin the season. Combine that with their already stellar pass defense and the Broncos are looking like a legit Super Bowl contender again.

But hey Brandon McManus, stop missing field goals at home. That's where you're supposed to thrive, remember?

Remember when Amari Cooper was good?

Not gonna lie, this is Eagles' running game the past two weeks has completely caught me by surprise. If this keeps up, it'll be good for Philly but bad for Carson Wentz's QB2 upside. Although if Torrey Smith hadn't dropped an 80-yard TD on Sunday Wentz's numbers would've looked a lot different.

Hold on the Cardinals just kicked another field goal.

So if Los Angeles offered to trade the Chargers back to San Diego do you think San Diego would want them?

Don't know now but Russ Wilson is back to doing Russ Wilson things for the Seattle passing game. Which is really good news for the Seahawks because who the hell knows what's gonna happen at RB with Carson done.

The Jets are the best team in New York after Week 4. Just like everyone predicted.

I knew somebody for the Bucs' passing game other than Mike Evans was going to step up with a big game against the Giants. But I sure as hell thought it was gonna be DJax, not Adam Humphries.

That being said, if you have a TE against the Giants you're starting him. Cake matchup right now against that D.

Quizz Rodgers looked like a guy who doesn't want to give up his starting job to Doug Martin next week.

Danny Trevathan got a two-game suspension for a blatant head shot on Davante Adams. Tom Brady got four for allegedly messing with some footballs. Well done, Rog.

And finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Las Vegas. I love that city and my heart aches for them today. I long to live in a world where events like these are no longer commonplace.
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