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As you may or may not know, I've been out for 3 weeks (an eternity), and my first week back, our good friend from Brandenburg KY is now officially OUT! The dreaded label we don't want to see on our rosters.

So, I couldn't dare come back without a bang so here it is... drumroll....

Alex Kaganovsky, owner of the Fantasy Football Players Championship, #2 Overall in the NFFC Primetime joins us, so if you're still in the hunt, don't miss his takes on the critical matchups this week. Don't lose it all on one bad week not being completely prepared.

If that wasn't good enough, our very own High Stakes Veteran, John Duckworth, host of the BFD Dynasty Show also will join us the entire hour.

We will go point counter point with each player that appears pivotal to this week's WDIS decisions, so stop by and be part of The Crew, the live chat room at Red vs Blue and throw a name out. We'll get through all your questions before we go off the air.


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