Expand playoff rosters

Postby Greg Ambrosius » Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:44 am

Originally posted by Route C:
Originally posted by Greg Ambrosius:
[b] No, it's not a software issue Jeff. It's a fairness factor where everyone should have the same amount of players heading into the Championship Round and the Consolation Round. That's why it seems tough to tell everyone they get two more players in Week's 13 FAAB. You KNOW not everyone would get the message, understand the message or do the right thing.

Starting with bigger rosters in Week 1 seems to make more sense, but I'm not sure everyone wants that. But I'll step aside and see what the masses say.
I don't understand your point...honestly. I'm talking the 2009 season. If we add 2 spots during week 13 F/A bids..how is that unfair to anyone. Doesn't everyone have the ability to adapt their strategy to fit this rule change?

Owners have adjusted to KDS..3RR. This to me seems much easier to understand than either of those things.

I made valid points earlier about rosters that still have players that are on IR. Are we discussing roster size in general or available options because they aren't one in the same.

Help me understand your concerns because I'm not following you on this one. [/b][/QUOTE]Maybe a phone call would help Jeff. ;) I'm saying that not every team would add two free agents if we added this rule in just Week 13 to expand your rosters and I think we all realize that. With just one shot to add two players before the playoffs, some teams would miss that rule or miss the chance to add players and we'd have teams in both playoff formats with different sized rosters. Why add this new wrinkle one week before the playoffs?? If roster size is a concern, why not address at the beginning of the season??

NFL teams don't go from 53-man rosters to 55 for the playoffs. I think we either have a problem with our 18-man rosters or we don't. Again, I'm all for the discussion about keeping it at 18 or expanding to 19 or 20, but I'd prefer doing it early rather than late. Hopefully this helps with the explanation of my position.
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Expand playoff rosters

Postby ultimatefs » Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:53 am

It doesn't dilute the FA pool at all.

M.Moore, L.Moore, Cassel, Frerotte, Camarillo, Shiancoe, Scaife, N.Washington, B.Miller, Benson, K.Smith, BG Ellis, A.Pittman, T.Thigpen, M.Bradley, Rosenfels, B.Quinn and more were all FA's in 21-man leagues I run.

Going to 20 would results in lass faab strategy.

If done, add to draft, not Week 13.

For the guys wanting to add Week 13, how do you know in advance which players are going to help you and which position(s) you are going to get hurt at?
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Expand playoff rosters

Postby Sound Advice » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:06 am

Originally posted by Route C:
Dennis..what is your opinion of expanding rosters by 2 spots prior to the fantasy playoffs?
I'm not even advocating expanding rosters before that.

I keep thinking...all of those players left in the F/A pool after week 13 aren't doing anyone any good. The next question that always follows is why?
I've never really been for that, Jeff.
If my guys get hurt during the playoff weeks, I'm not going to win anyway. That's probably the way it should be. Unless I have his handcuff instead of a back up kicker. Makes for good strategy.

Guys like you that make the playoffs are pretty skilled and should have a spot taken from them just to make them work it.
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Expand playoff rosters

Postby RC Techies » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:08 pm

This is my first year in the NFFC. I would definitely be in favor of expanding the roster. I have found that I had to drop players that I wanted to keep because I needed a roster spot to fulfill a bye week. That sucks. You might have a great kicker or defense but you are almost forced to drop them on a bye week.

Different topic but since I am posting I will bring it up. Think there should be two FA drafts instead of ending on Wednesday. One of the few things I like about the WCOFF.
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