Re: Schools and Bully policy

Postby ChiTwn » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:41 pm

Diesel wrote:Mark, the way it was described to me was the counsellor will be re-enacting the incident up to the point of her statement, and as it gets to that point, the counsellor will be showing the GIRL what she should have done different. I should have been more clear on t....

So Diesel, whatever came out of the counseling session? I have a 2 yr old, and will have to work through similar issues I am sure down the road.
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Re: Schools and Bully policy

Postby Diesel » Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:41 am

The school talked to my son and this girl seperately. Not together as they told us. I'm sure I said this prior, in this thread, but I'll say it again because it is an absolute truth all parents should know. The principal in each public school is judge, jury and executioner. He or she makes a decision alone and unless you're willing to get a lawyer, that's how it will be. On top of that, please remember how small a school is for the adults involved and how much the school's employees talk. There are a small few who kiss the principal's ass under any circumstance to keep their jobs. So in their world, you are either WITH the principal or AGAINST the principle. Their is no in between with these people. I'm very fair minded and I can't believe how dim some people are sometimes, but I think I expect way too much from people sometimes.

I say this with no uncertain terms, if I went into this principal's office and told him I was going to stab him, he would call the police immediately. Not do it. Just say it. But the police would be involved. We had to push the police department to help us file an incident report. That was for OUR documentation since the principal failed to even file this incident within the school's computers. I forgot the term, bu EVERY incident like this is supposed to be filed. And please know, that EACH child has a file with personal info based on the principal's data that you will only see in a legal situation.

My advice is to always keep a good relationship with your child and always let them know to tell the truth and ALWAYS tell you exactly what happened, even if it means they are at fault. Let them know no matter what happens, you are on their side. To commend, to console or to punish, you are still always on their side. We as parents sometimes forget school can be a very intimidating place.

My son starts 3rd grade in September. I hope he finds a teacher this year that really makes an impact on him. My son is very intelligent, and a good, solid, understanding teacher could really give my son initiative to not just get very good grades, but to excel.

I hope this thread helps anyone in my family's shoes at sometime or another.
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