Yuck and Ouch

Postby 3INTBOY » Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:00 am

Originally posted by Jersey Dawg:
Just took a look-see at the standings in my Primetime League. Looks like even at 10-3 I get nothing but an entry into the Consolation Bowl to show for it. My calcualtions have me tied with 2 other teams at 10-3 in a very competitive league. And, it seems like I lost 3rd place money to a 6-6 team by a total of 0.15 points on the season. That's a team I also beat in the regular season... Oh well...

Yuck and Ouch.

That is painful man,

On the flip side, I lost $1250 3rd place $ to a 10-3 team that scored about 120 points less than me over the season, and I think H2H is the worst way to compare good teams.

My loss was by .3 when Nate Burleson caught a meaninless pass.

So I feel your pain, on the flip side.


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