Rules For 12-Team NFFC Super Leagues

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Originally posted by Greg Ambrosius:
Originally posted by philpo:
Originally posted by Greg Ambrosius:
[b] By the way, I have not scheduled any NFFC 12-Team Ultimate Leagues -- which are $5,000 per team with 90 percent payouts -- but it's possible that we could find a time for those if there is interest. We'll adjust where demand requests for this second weekend if needed. Thanks all.
How about a $500 sattelite for a free enty into the $5000 Ultimate Classic/Primetime league [/b][/QUOTE]We could easily do that. We've run those type of events in the NFBC and we could do that here. If there's more interest in this type of format, let me know and we'll try to schedule something like this in late August. It's a winner in my book. [/b][/QUOTE]Greg just remember from the movie The Field Of Dreams if you build it he will come. :D
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