Postby GOD Loves You » Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:06 pm

...............................Sheep being herded.

TSA patdowns coming to a stadium near you

Indoctrination, via incrementalism.

"Eh, I don't what do I care?

Eh, football, who cares about sports?

Eh, I can't afford a concert ticket anyways.

Eh, the mall, those things are still open?

Eh, the a minute??"

I haven't posted here for a long time, but wanted to see if this had been discussed.............didn't see anything.

Most will laugh at this posting, but for any person who has even scanned history, the road this country is heading down doesn't end well for you and I.

So we have "rights" violated to fly and now to attend a football game? I sincerely hope all have a problem with it enjoyable to see elderly individuals and children rubbed and groped by total strangers??

Spend 10 minutes on youtube to see what people go through. Grandma's, grandpa's, wives, daughters, sons....................what is wrong with this country that we CONSENT to this?
Why do we choose to buy into the culture of fear?
When did we forget our laws?
It cannot be written more clearly in the 4th amendment.
Laugh if you will, but that document is technically the law of the law; read the 4th amendment and tell me the TSA doesn't violate it.

I'm really curious to hear others thoughts on this and
I'm curious, for those who accept it..............what is your concept of Freedom and Liberty?
GOD Loves You
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Postby thegambler » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:03 am

sorry GLY, but safety comes first in my book. if it stops one plane from being hijacked or one nut job from shooting someone at a football game, because his team lost, then i am fine with it.

trust me i don't like seeing old people and children getting patted down.....that sucks but it is the society we live in. they can't disriminate so they have to throw an old white or black women in there once in a while.

soon it won't matter because they will have body scanners at every airport.

i hate to say this but if people don't like the way they handle security at airports or sporting events then they shouldn't fly (take the train) and watch the game on tv.

i don't have a problem with it....i just got patted down on my flight back from vegas. was it unconfortable? sure it was....but i had no problem with it at all.
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